This page lists episodes of Pratchat in release order, along with the hashtag to use if you want to discuss that episode on social media. (If you’re looking for the episode about a particular book, it might be easier to use the Books page.) Bonus episodes are listed separately at the bottom of the page.

Upcoming Episodes

Publicly announced upcoming episodes appear at the end of the lists, though note that these are subject to change. (Subscribers get the release schedule further in advance – though that is often subject to more change.)

Numbered Episodes

  1. Boots Theory” (November 2017) – discussion of Men at Arms (Discworld #15, published 1992) with guest Cal Wilson. Episode notes here. #Pratchat1
  2. Murdering a Curry” (December 2017) – discussion of Mort (Discworld #4, published 1987) with guest Stephanie Convery. Episode notes here. #Pratchat2
  3. You’re a Wizzard, Rincewind” (January 2018) – discussion of Sourcery (Discworld #5, Rincewind #3, published 1988) with guest Cal WilsonEpisode notes here. #Pratchat3
  4. Enter Three Wytches” (February 2018) – discussion of Wyrd Sisters (Discworld #6, Witches #2, published 1989) with guest Elly Squire (aka Clara Cupcakes). Episode notes here. #Pratchat4
  5. Ten Points to Viper House” (March 2018) – discussion of Pyramids (Discworld #7, published 1989) with guest Richard McKenzieEpisode notes here. #Pratchat5
  6. A Load of Old Tosh” (April 2018) – discussion of Dodger (published 2012) with guest David Astle. Episode notes here. #Pratchat6
  7. All the Fingle Ladies” (May 2018) – discussion of Faust Eric (Discworld #9, published 1990) with guest Georgina Chadderton. Episode notes here. #Pratchat7
  8. The Curious Incident of the Dragon and the Night Watch” (June 2018) – discussion of Guards! Guards! (Discworld #8, published 1989) with guest Aimee Nichols. Episode notes here. #Pratchat7A
  9. Upscalator to Heaven” (July 2018) – discussion of Truckers (The Bromeliad #1, published 1989) with guest Amie Kaufman. Episode notes here. #Pratchat9
  10. We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Broomstick” (August 2018) – discussion of Moving Pictures (Discworld #10, published 1990) with guest Dan Golding. Episode notes here. #Pratchat10
  11. At Bill’s Door” (September 2018) – discussion of Reaper Man (Discworld #11, published 1991) with guest Sarah Pearson. Episode notes here. #Pratchat11
  12. Brooms, Boats and Pumpkinmobiles” (October 2018) – discussion of Witches Abroad (Discworld #12, published 1991) with guest Jackie TangEpisode notes here. #Pratchat12
  13. Don’t Quarry Be Happy” (November 2018) – discussion of Diggers (Bromeliad #2, published 1990) with guest Marlee Jane Ward. Episode notes here. #Pratchat13
  14. City-State Lampoon’s Disc-wide Vacation” (December 2018) – discussion of The Colour of Magic (Discworld #1, published 1983) with guest Joel Martin. Episode notes here. #Pratchat14
  15. It’s the End of the World As We Know It (And We Feel Nice and Accurate)” (January 2019) – discussion of Good Omens (published 1990) with guests Jennifer Beckett and Amy Gray. Episode notes here. #Pratchat15
  16. He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Vorbis” (February 2019) – discussion of Small Gods (Discworld #13, published 1992) with guest Avril Hannah-JonesEpisode notes here. #Pratchat16
  17. Midsummer (Elf) Murders” (March 2019) – discussion of Lords and Ladies (Discworld #14, published 1993) with guest Nadia BaileyEpisode notes here. #Pratchat17
  18. Sundog Gazillionaire” (April 2019) – discussion of The Dark Side of the Sun (published 1976) with guest Will Kostakis. Episode notes here. #Pratchat18
  19. It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got Rocks In” (May 2019) – discussion of Soul Music (Discworld #16, published 1994) with guest Fury. Episode notes here. #Pratchat19
  20. The Thing Beneath My Wings” (June 2019) – discussion of Wings (The Bromeliad #3, published 1990) with guest Dr Lili Wilkinson. Episode notes here. #Pratchat20
  21. Memoirs of Agatea” (July 2019) – discussion of Interesting Times (Discworld #17, published 1994) with guest David Ryding. Episode notes here. #Pratchat21
  22. The Cat in the Prat” (August 2019) – discussion of The Unadulterated Cat (published 1989) with guest Asimov. Episode notes here. #Pratchat22
  23. The Music of the Nitt” (September 2019) – discussion of Maskerade (Discworld #18, published 1994) with guest Myf Coghill. Episode notes here. #Pratchat23
  24. Arsenic and Old Clays” (October 2019) – discussion of Feet of Clay (Discworld #19, published 1996) with guest Nate Byrne. Episode notes here. #Pratchat24
  25. Eskist Attitudes” (November 2019) – discussion of Equal Rites (Discworld #3, published 1987) with guest Claire Coleman. Episode notes here. #Pratchat25
  26. The Long Dark Mr Teatime of the Soul” (December 2019) – discussion of Hogfather (Discworld #20, published 1996) with guest Michael Williams. Episode notes here. #Pratchat26
  27. Leshp Miserablés” (January 2020) – discussion of Jingo (Discworld #21, published 1997) with guest Craig Hildebrand-Burke. Episode notes here. #Pratchat27
  28. All Our Base Are Belong to You” (February 2020) – discussion of Only You Can Save Mankind (Johnny Maxwell #1, published 1992) with guest Steve Lamattina. Episode notes here. #Pratchat28
  29. Great Rimward Land” (March 2020) – discussion of The Last Continent (Discworld #22, published 1998) with guest Fury. Episode notes here. #Pratchat29
  30. Looking Widdershins” (April 2020) – a general Pratchett discussion episode, looking back at books and episodes past, and how new readers can get on board. No guests. Episode notes here. #Pratchat30
  31. It’s Just a Step to the West” (May 2020) – discussion of The Long Earth (The Long Earth #1, published 2012) with guest Joel Martin. Episode notes here. #Pratchat31
  32. Meet the Feegles” (June 2020) – discussion of The Wee Free Men (Discworld #30, published 2003) with guest Meaghan Dew. Episode notes here. #Pratchat32
  33. Cat, Rats and Two Meddling Kids” (July 2020) – discussion of The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents (Discworld #28, published 2001) with guest Michelle Law. Episode notes here. #Pratchat33
  34. Only You Can Save Deadkind” (August 2020) – discussion of Johnny and the Dead (Johnny Maxwell #2, published 1993) with guest Oliver Phommavanh. Episode notes here. #Pratchat34
  35. Great Balls of Physics (September 2020) – discussion of The Science of Discworld (Science of Discworld #1, published 1999; revised edition 2002) with guest Anna Ahveninen. Episode notes here. #Pratchat35
  36. Home Alone, But Vampires (October 2020) – discussion of Carpe Jugulum (Discworld #23, published 1998) with guest Gillian Cosgriff. Episode notes here. #Pratchat36
  37. The Shopping Trolley Problem” (November 2020) – discussion of Johnny and the Bomb (Johnny Maxwell #3, published 1996) with guest Will Kostakis. Episode notes here. #Pratchat37
  38. Moisten to Steal” (December 2020) – discussion of Going Postal (Discworld #33, published 2004) with guests Nicholas J Johnson and Lawrence Leung. Episode notes here. #Pratchat38
  39. All the Fun of the…Fish?” (January 2021) – discussion of “The Sea and Little Fishes” (Discworld Short #3, 1998) with guest Marc Burrows. Episode notes here. #Pratchat39
  40. The King and the Hole of the King” (February 2021) – discussion of The Fifth Elephant (Discworld #24, 1999) with guest Richard McKenzie. Episode notes here. #Pratchat40
  41. The Adventures of Crab Boy and Trouser Girl” (March 2021) – discussion of Nation (2008) with guest Dr Charlotte Pezaro. Episode notes here. #Pratchat41
  42. Truth, the Printing Press and Every -ing” (April 2021) – discussion of The Truth (Discworld #25, 2000) with guest Stephanie Convery. Episode notes here. #Pratchat42
  43. Wee Big Hag: Far Fra’ Home” (May 2021) – discussion of A Hat Full of Sky (Discworld #32, 2004) with guest Dr Sally Evans. Episode notes here. #Pratchat43
  44. Cosmic Turtle Soup” (June 2021) – discussion of The Light Fantastic (Discworld #2, 1986) with guest Joel Martin. Episode notes here. #Pratchat44
  45. Hogswatch in Grune” (July 2021) – discussion of “Twenty Pence, with Envelope and Seasonal Greeting” (short story, 1987) with guest Penelope Love. Episode notes here. #Pratchat45
  46. The Helen Green Preservation Society” (August 2021) – discussion of The Long War (The Long Earth #2, 2013) with guest Deanne Sheldon-Collins. Episode notes here. #Pratchat46
  47. A Finite Number of Shakespeares” (September 2021) – discussion of The Science of Discworld II: The Globe (Science of Discworld #2, published 2002) with guest Alanta Colley. Episode notes here. #Pratchat47
  48. Lu-Tze in the Sky with Lobsang” (October 2021) – discussion of Thief of Time (2002) with guest Ben Reilly. Episode notes here. #Pratchat48
  49. Once More, With Future” (November 2021) – discussion of “Once and Future” (short story, 1995) with guest Richard Watts. Episode notes here. #Pratchat49
  50. Episode 50 (coming December 2021) – discussion of Nanny Ogg’s Cookbook (1999) – including some taste-testing! – with guest Cal Wilson. #Pratchat50

Bonus Episodes

  • And the Winner Is…” (October 2017) – short introductory episode. #Pratchat0
  • A Troll New World” (June 2019) – discussion of Troll Bridge (Discworld Short #1, 1992) with guest Tansy Rayner Roberts, recorded live at the Nullus Anxietas VII convention in Melbourne, Australia. #PratchatNA7
  • The Pratchatter’s Guide to the Night Terrace” (November 2019) – a shameless plug for the Kickstarter to fund season three of Ben’s sci-fi comedy radio series Night Terrace. Includes excerpts from the series and some Q&A between Liz and Ben.
  • Eeek Club 2021” (May 2021) – the first of our annual Glorious 25th of May specials, discussing topics chosen by our Eeek tier subscribers! Thanks to Karl, Catherine, Soren, Jess and David, and Frank, who submitted the topics for this year. Episode notes here. #EeekClub2021
  • Twice as Alive” (July 2021) – a revisit of Men at Arms (Discworld #15, published 1992), previously discussed in #Pratchat1, recorded live at the Nullus Anxietas 7a event “The Lost Con” online. Episode notes here. #PratchatNALC

Other Podcasts

When we appear as guests to talk about Pratchett or something related, we’ll add links to those here!

  • The Compleat Discography S1E23 (October 26, 2021) – we join Aaron, Ana and Justen to give an Australian perspective to their discussion of The Last Continent.