This page lists episodes of Pratchat in release order. (If you’re looking for the episode about a particular book, it might be easier to use the Books page.)

  1. And the Winner Is… (October 2017) – short introductory episode. #Pratchat0
  2. Boots Theory (November 2017) – discussion of Men at Arms (Discworld #15, published 1992) with guest Cal Wilson#Pratchat1
  3. Murdering a Curry (December 2017) – discussion of Mort (Discworld #4, published 1987) with guest Stephanie Convery#Pratchat2
  4. You’re a Wizzard, Rincewind (January 2018) – discussion of Sourcery (Discworld #5, Rincewind #3, published 1988) with guest Cal Wilson#Pratchat3
  5. Enter Three Wytches (February 2018) – discussion of Wyrd Sisters (Discworld #6, Witches #2, published 1989) with guest Elly Squire (aka Clara Cupcakes). #Pratchat4
  6. Ten Points to Viper House (March 2018) – discussion of Pyramids (Discworld #7) with guest Richard McKenzie#Pratchat5
  7. Episode 6, discussing Dodger with guest David Astle, will be recorded on March 24 and released on April 8. #Pratchat6
  8. Episode 7, discussing Faust Eric with guest George Rex, will be recorded in April and released on May 8. #Pratchat7
  9. Episode 7A, discussing Guards! Guards! with guest Aimee Nichols, will be recorded in April and released on June 8. #Pratchat7A