1. armcie

    You spoke a few times about how the Ankh Morpork and Death story lines seem to be entirely different stories. They only really intersect in the last scene where Death and Windle meet up. The two plots are, in fact, so separate that they are printed in different fonts in the novel.

    On the other typesetting trick, here’s Terry’s quote on the position of Azrael’s YES:
    > “Do you really think I’m some kind of dumbo to miss that kind of opportunity? I wrote 400 extra words to get it on a left-hand page in the hardcover — then Corgi shuffled people in the production department when it was going through and my careful instructions disappeared into a black hole. Go on… tell me more about comic timing…”

    • Thanks armcie! I read the same comments about the Azrael dialogue, I think in the AFP. Ridiculous! I’m glad they fixed it in the newer edition.

      As for the separate fonts, we did have a discussion about that but I cut it because it wasn’t clear that was really a deliberate choice – in my paperback, it looked like there were two different weights of fonts, but they didn’t seem to match up with the separate story lines. Is the font thing for real?

      • armcie

        It certainly matches up with the storylines in my copy (from 1993) with the Death and auditor parts in a slightly fainter font, and everything else (wizards, mayflies, and the final scene) in something a bit bolder, and to my eyes with *slightly* more serifs. It wouldn’t surprise me if at some point in the republishing cycle the font change overs offs had drifted for some reason – especially with what happened to the YES.

        The front matter of the book says its printed in both Century Schoolbook and Cheltenham Roman fonts – a quick look through other Discworld books reveals a surprising variety of different fonts were used (a surprise to me, I’d have thought a publisher would stick with one) but they all only list one font per book.

  2. Steve

    Great episode! I’m reading the Discworld universe through by series. I’ve already read the City Watch, and Rincewind series, and am now into the Death branch. My plan is to crank through them this way, and they read through them in overall order. Though I may adapt my schedule to keep up with you all. In my 34th year of life, I’m a newbie to Terry Pratchett, and I look forward to always being reading one for the rest of forever. I’m grateful to have nerds like you making podcasts like this!

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