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Pratchat will always be free, but it’s an ambitious project: dissecting Death, gabbing about gods, weighing in on werewolves, conversing about con men… You know – just generally tackling difficult Pteppics. And that’s just the Discworld!

We want to read and discuss every single one of Terry Pratchett’s books – but doing proper justice to Pterry’s work needs a lot of time. He wrote a lot of books! If we’re going to make it to the end and commit to the whole six(ish) years, it’s vital we make Pratchat sustainable.

We’re not part of a podcast network, and we don’t ever want to add sponsorship messages or ads to the show (for one thing, it would entirely ruin the book-club-with-your-friends feel we’re aiming for). So we’re turning to you! You can help by joining the Pratchat “Ook Club”, subscribing via a Ko-Fi membership for as little as $2 a month – and that’s cuttin’ our own throats! (You can make a one-off donation instead by choosing the “One Time” option instead of choosing a membership tier.)

Your support covers our costs and allows us to devote enough time to produce a quality show. You’ll also help Pratchat get even better: the income lets us make bonus episodes, upgrade our equipment, buy weirder and rarer Pratchett stuff to talk about and, hopefully, add episode transcripts. Plus you’ll be helping to support a couple of freelancers working in the arts!

By choosing to support the show you’re ensuring its future. Plus, if you subscribe – and depending on which reward level you pick – you can even get some extra goodies for yourselves:

Cover art for the Ook Club podcast
  • Occasional out-takes and other bonus bits (also shared with one-off supporters)
  • The bonus Ook Club podcast
  • Access to our Discord chat server
  • Actual, physical mail (S.W.A.L.K.*)
  • Direct input into the content of bonus episodes

If you don’t want to subscribe, one-off donations are also greatly appreciated. You won’t get access to the subscription benefits, but we do share some extras with all of our supporters. (You don’t need a Ko-Fi account to donate, but you may need one to access our supporter rewards.) You can also support the show in lots of other ways – see below.

Whether you support the show with money, help spread the word, or just listen along, your support means the (Disc)world to us. Thank you to each and every one of you.

* Or at least an “xox”.

Supporting us non-monetarily

We know not everyone can afford to give money to the podcasts they listen to! So here are some other ways you can really help us – or any podcast you love – by growing our audience and helping us find more folks who can chip in:

  • Tell your friends! The number one way people find new podcasts is still word of mouth.
  • Follow us in your podcast app. Some of the podcast charts use new followers as a way to determine rankings and so on, so using an app and clicking follow not only makes sure you get new episodes ASAP, it can also help others find us. You can find out how to do this on the About page.
  • Post about us on social media or in discussion groups and forums. (There are great Pratchett groups on Facebook, Reddit and many other places. We post in some ourselves, but most do not allow self-promotion.)
  • Give us a rating on whatever platform you use to listen to us. Those ratings can influence whether folks decide to click that play button or not, and reviews are even better. Plus we love to hear what people think of the show! Apple Podcasts and Spotify both have built-in ratings and reviews, and you can also find us on Podchaser and rate or review the show (and individual episodes) there.