Pratchat is a podcast from Splendid Chaps Productions in which hosts Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenzie are embarking on a six (ish) year mission to read every Terry Pratchett novel*, one a month, and discuss them with special guests.**

Pratchat is produced in Narrm (aka Melbourne), the lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to their elders, past and present, and recognise that sovereignty of this country was never ceded. Pratchett himself clearly had respect for the storytelling traditions of First Nations, and we encourage you to learn more about them and read their stories in their own words.

Episodes are released on the 8th (or 7Ath) of each month***, and are anywhere between 90 minutes and two and bit hours long. We follow the plot of the book from start to finish, but we don’t let that stop us from following the discussion wherever it may go. This approach means each episode contains major spoilers for the book it is discussing, though we’ll try and keep spoilers for other books to a minimum. We also have footnotes! They’re added in post-production to clarify or comment on the discussion without derailing it in the moment.

You can listen via this site – click on the post for the episode and find the built-in audio player right there on the page, usually just under the description of the book. You can also follow the podcast so you never miss an episode; see below for some guidance on how to do that.

* We really mean this – it’s not just the Discworld ones! We’ll also try and cover his most significant short stories, some of his non-fiction writing, collections of his short work for children, and who knows what else…

** There will also be the occasional bonus and live episodes to cover things like the television adaptations of his work, the Discworld boardgames, and events like the Australian Discworld Convention, Nullus Anxietas. Hopefully we can find some shortcuts through L-Space…

*** According to local Melbourne time. As we release them in the morning, to some listeners (and indeed major podcast directories) it may appear episodes are being released on the 7th, but this is Incorrect.

The Pratchatters

Pratchat hosts Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenzie backstage at the 2018 Speculate festival in Melbourne.
Hosts Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenzie, behind the scenes at the 2018 Speculate festival.

Elizabeth Flux (Pratchat Library Captain) is a freelance writer with a focus on film and pop culture, and previous editor of Voiceworks magazine. She has been published in Film Ink, Metro, Junkee, The Lifted Brow, Spook and Kill Your Darlings and can be found tweeting terrible puns @ElizabethFlux. Pratchat is Elizabeth’s first podcast.

Ben McKenzie is a comedian, writer and game designer. His work includes VR game Table of Tales: The Crooked Crown and time travel audio comedy Night Terrace (as heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra). He also teaches creative writing for 100 Story Building and comedy writing for the Australian College of the Arts. Ben tweets at @McKenzie_Ben, his favourite dinosaur is Stegosaurus, and his favourite element is helium. Ben’s other podcasts Splendid Chapsre:Discovery and On the Terrace are currently on hiatus.

The Supporting Cast

David Ashton created the music for the show, including the intro and outro themes, and the music for our footnotes and “previously on” montages. Find him via Sample and Hold Studios on Facebook.

Our artwork is by Adelaide-based cartoonist and illustrator George Rex, who has also been a guest on the podcast (talking about Eric and Josh Kirby’s art in #Pratchat7, “All the Fingle Ladies“)!

At the end of every episode, you’ll hear the dulcet tones of actor and singer Petra Elliott.

How to Follow Pratchat

Following a podcast means using “podcatcher” software that checks our podcast feed periodically for new episodes and downloads them for you. Most podcatchers run on smartphones, and according to our stats the most popular apps include Apple Podcasts (the built-in one for iPhones), Overcast (free, iPhone and iPad only) and Pocket Casts (now also free, for iPhone and Android phones). You can find us in various podcast directories and streaming services like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts and Stitcher; just search for “Pratchat”. You can also use the buttons below (which also appear in the sidebar menu at right).

Note that Pratchat does not run ads, so if you hear any during our podcast they have been inserted by the service you are using to follow us and we’re not making any money out of them. Let us know if this is affecting your enjoyment of the show! You can help us get to the end of our mission by supporting us directly.

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