1. Vlad

    Hi Guys,

    Just discovered and got into listening your podcats. Great stuff!

    I was suprised atyour comments about Wee Mad Arthur the “Gnome” at 01:19. I assume you haven’t read the Tiffany Aching books yet 🙂

    • Hi Vlad! We’re glad to have you on board. We did have a longer discussion about Wee Mad Arthur but cut it for time – you’ll find his origin referenced in our show notes though. (And at the time this episode was recorded, I hadn’t read any Tiffany books, no!)

      • Vlad

        Ok, thought it was something like that

        It’s quite amazing that you’d be so much into the Discoworld before finishing the entire collection. I wonder how many “Pratchettiers” are out there who haven’t gone through the whole lot.

        For my part, I discovered Pratchett very late in life, already in my early 40’s and only just last December, but during the lockdown I managed to finish all of the 41 books.
        On hindsight, I wish I had saved the last…

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