1. Ryan Champlin

    A comment about the pronouncing issue that you guys ran into, there were audio-books read by Nigel Planer that I generally refer to when wondering how to pronounce a name. He pronounces Detritus and Angua the way that Elizabeth and Cal do. I’m not sure if there was any input by Terry on these audio-books however. Love the content so far!

  2. Jonno

    Awesome chat guys! Discworld was a massive part of my life growing up. Pratchett was such an amazing story teller. You have done a great job reviewing the feel and flavour of the world. I might just go and start re-reading some of these classics.

  3. Angela

    As you mentioned ‘Bottle Episodes’ at the end of the podcast which would feature the ‘Interchangeable Emmas’, I would like to suggest a title for it, which could be “Keeping up with the Emmas” !
    Great podcast ! Will be looking forward to the next and future ones. Thanks !

  4. tracey

    I was not sure how this would go as a first book (I have read them all ,almost in chronological order). But yes it does provide an overview on how the city works , introduces a lot of recurring characters and famous landmarks. Even the wizards get a mention.
    The way Pratchett explores different themes that we can recongise in one book is brilliant
    Mob mentality, racial hatred, equal opportunity and how absolute power can corrupt.
    We also see the growth of Carrot from simple bumpkin into a true leader. Who can resist Carrot. Looking forward to revisiting Mort

  5. Verity Pushpram

    Hi! There was a question in this episode about Lord Vetinari’s plan for a successor. I don’t remember where I read it, but through the books it’s pretty obvious that there are at least three people who are sort of acknowledged good successors who by the end of the series especially. Carrot, Vimes and Moist.

    Carrot of course who is the failsafe who would take the reigns if anything slid back to Winder/Snapcase type behavior but he wouldn’t leave the watch otherwise.

    Vimes who has titles to satisfy the nobs and is people’s princess enough to satisfy the common people and is overall a good man, but who would hate to be the ruler.

    and Moist who is like Vimes and Vetinari, a bastard who uses it to do good. Vetinari is arguably already grooming to take over as he already runs the mint, the post, and the trains.

    That said he might be building a self sufficient city that can run on the power of good organization. the whole thing shouldn’t work anyway and yet it does, so I wouldn’t be surprised.

    Also! Ghosts! There are ghosts in discworld, Granny or Nanny mentions them as being just sort of sad shadow type things that hang about in old houses but cant actually get up to much trouble, though people get uncomfortable if they accidentally sit on them. Lancre Castle has a lot of ghosts.

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