1. Vlad

    Hi Team,

    Thanks for the new episode, listening to it now.

    I just had to drop a line regaridng the “aviator” comment. Off the top of my head and I hope I’m not wrong, an aviator already exists on Discworld and was referred to by that name: Hamish the buzzard-riding Nac Mac Feegle

    Keep up the good work!

    • Vlad, you’re absolutely right – Hamish is indeed referred to as “Hamish the aviator” by Tiffany in Chapter 7 of The Wee Free Men! She presumably learned the word from her cover-to-cover read of the dictionary.

      Still, it’s a mystery to me why it would be in there in the first place – though it comes from the same root word as Avian, so it probably makes most sense for Hamish, as he rides on birds.

      Then again, Tiffany had a paratrooper toy as a younger child, so perhaps we just have to accept that things which were singular oddities before powered flight on Roundworld have somehow gained enough notice to become talked of frequently and affect language on the Disc.

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