1. zac

    It’s good to see a podcast about STP… But It does seem that you have forgotten that so much of it is parody of different times and places in real life and in different forms of entertainment… but that it is also a parady of how books are written and thre tropes that have come about with that, those tropes and literary devices that he doesnt likeare always pushed to the forground. He is trying to show what is wrong with the devices and why they dont work. Connina’s arc shows this. She is trying to fight against being a barbarian and wants to be a regular woman, which is why she falls in love with nigel. He is just a regular man trying and failing at being a barbarian, it is the best comprimise for the mind set.

    Also i dont see what is wrong with the tone for the seripfh and klatch, a paradoy is not a place to be expecting social justice or anything like that. the exgaeration of the place is indicitive of what happens in stories like the ones from 1001 nights.

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