• Tom

      Hi. I have been enjoying your previous episodes but have some volume issues on the latest episode.
      I normally listen in the car, and this episode I have had to turn up my car’s volume to almost max to hear the dialogue, but at this volume the intro music is deafening.
      I got mine through the Apple podcast app.
      (Eg, volume level ~10 for music, 20-30 for podcast, ~55 in order to hear the dialogue of the latest episode).
      Is it differently mixed on any other platform?

      • Hi Tom! We hadn’t noticed the mix on this episode being significantly different to previous ones, and it sounds okay to us through headphones? There’s only one mix, as it’s he same file pushed out on the feed no matter what you subscribe with. However we have gone ahead and tweaked it, bringing the music down a bit and bringing the vocals up. If you delete the existing file on your phone and then re-download it, you will get the new version. Let us know if that’s better!

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