1. erinacea

    On the topic of Carrot and Minty, do you really think that Minty is that much more feminine conotated than Cheery? Sounds like a perfectly fine dwarf name to me, what with minting coins and such.

    What _is_ a bit weird is that Carrot already knows that Minty is female (he references both her and his mother as “she”), but maybe that just shows how far their courtship had progressed and why their parents felt they had to get him to leave urgently.

    • Good point – we were clearly bamboozled by the pronoun usage! I think it’s mentioned how old Minty is, but I think it was under 55, which may well be another reason, though we never really find out how Minty feels about the whole thing.

      On a related note, it’s never clear if Carrot’s conversations at home are in Morporkian (ie English) or Dwarf, and we never find out whether Dwarfish has a truly gender neutral pronoun which is used most of the time, or if they use a male one by default.

  2. Ron

    For me there’s a great parallel between the Lupine / Dragon King exchange regarding inter-species predatory behaviour and Ripley’s comments in Aliens: “You know, Burke, I don’t know which species is worse. You don’t see them fucking each other over for a goddamn percentage.” Besides which any excuse to re-watch Aliens 🙂

  3. […] CMOT Dibbler is pervasive once he arrives, but is not in The Colour of Magic. (See #Pratchat14, “City-State Lampoon’s Disc-Wide Vacation”.) In fact he first shows up when the Watch does, in Guards! Guards! (See #Pratchat7A, “The Curious Incident of the Dragon and the Night Watch”.) […]

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