An Unexpected Update about #Pratchat53

We’ve made sure this went out on all our social media, but we had planned to record our Night Watch episode on Friday, 25 February – but we ran into some major technical issues.

As a result, we’ve decided to move some things around. The main thing is that we’ll now be reading Night Watch for our April episode, #Pratchat54. For March, we’ll instead be chatting about a selection of Terry Pratchett’s shorter Discworld writings that thematically tie in to Night Watch:

  • “The Ankh-Morpork National Anthem”
  • “Medical Notes”, and
  • “A Few Words From Lord Havelock Vetinari”

All three of these appear in the collection A Blink of the Screen.

Thank you to everyone who already sent through Night Watch questions (and those who crammed, we see and appreciate you).

If you have any questions about the shorter writings, please send them through – you can add them as comments here, or ask via social media using the hashtag #Pratchat53.

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