#PratchatIWD – A Monstrous Delay

Our Monstrous Regiment episode won’t be ready until later in the month, but we didn’t want to let International Women’s Day pass without some kind of comment. So here’s a mini episode in your feed recommending some other Pratchett and Discworld podcasts hosted by women and non-binary folks.

Here’s a list of the Discworld podcasts Ben mentioned:

Other links from this episode:

Our April episode, #Pratchat77, will be with guest Laura Jean McKay, author of The Animals in That Country. We’ll be discussing the short stories “Hollywood Chickens” from A Blink of the Screen, and “From the Horse’s Mouth” from A Stroke of the Pen. An earlier version of “From the Horse’s Mouth” is “Johnno, the Talking Horse”, which was collected in The Time-Travelling Caveman and Other Stories, and in deluxe editions of The Witch’s Vacuum Cleaner and Other Stories.

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