Mini-Ook Club – Talking Ko-Fi Over Tea

This is a tiny little bonus episode of Ook Club, recorded and released on 17 June 2022, in which Ben (virtually) shares a cup of tea from his kitchen while he makes sure you know what’s happening with our subscription service.

In brief, this episode is to hopefully let anyone who hasn’t already found out via Pozible update or direct email that Pratchat subscriptions are moving from Pozible to Ko-Fi by 30 June, 2022.

We were notified at the start of June that Pozible is closing their subscription service at the end of the month. So we’re moving our subscriptions to Ko-Fi.

To continue supporting Pratchat, please cancel your Pozible subscription and sign up for a Ko-Fi membership before 30 June. (Those links will take you to the appropriate pages; you’ll need your Pozible password for the first one.)

All the membership tiers and rewards are the same, and your existing subscription to the Ook Club bonus podcast won’t be affected. If you don’t cancel your Pozible subscription, it will be cancelled automatically on 30 June.

That’s really all this little episode is for, though Ben does talk a little bit about what we do with your subscription money, and why we chose Ko-Fi as our new platform. (And yes, there really were three earlier takes of this, including one with the kettle boiling away in the background.)

We hope you’ll join us over on Ko-Fi, but regardless, thanks not just for the financial support, but for being part of our lovely, friendly and enthusiastic community of Pratchett fans.

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