Ook Club #1 – Multiple Choice Loam

Welcome to Ook Club, Pratchat’s subscriber-only bonus podcast! Each episode, Pratchat hosts Elizabeth Flux and Ben McKenzie will do something fun and Pratchett-related, and answer some general questions sent in by you, our subscribers.

In this, our first episode, Liz and Ben answer a couple of online Discworld quizzes to see if they really know enough about the source material to be qualified as Pratchett book club podcast hosts. (There are links to them both below, if you want to try them yourself before you hear our answers!) Then they answer some (hopefully easier) questions from you about the books they’ve not read, Greebo, and which other authors they love!

If you have a question or other suggestion for a future Ook Club, please let us know! You can email us at chat@pratchatpodcast.com, or pop it in the #ook-club channel on our Discord server (available to those supporting us for $5 a month or more).

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