Join us on our six* year mission!

Writer Elizabeth Flux and comedian Ben McKenzie read and discuss every Terry Pratchett book, one a month, each with a special guest!

* …ish. (He wrote a lot of books!)

You can listen to a trailer for the show right here! (There’s more info on the snippets in the trailer here.)

Latest Episodes

Below are some of our most recent episodes. If you’re new to the show, you might like to start with episode one, discussing Men at Arms with comedian Cal Wilson. If you’re looking for a specific episode (or the notes for one) try our Episodes page. If you’re looking for a specific book, use the Books page.

More Pratchat!

We have nearly sixty episodes now, but if you want more – we’ve got it!

Supporters of the podcast get access to extra bits from the cutting room floor, and subscribers can listen to the exclusive (if intermittent) bonus podcast Ook Club.

If you want to read more than one book a month with us, we’ve started a reading challenge with prompts designed to help you find books by new authors you’ll love. Let us know what you choose to read!

We also host Ben’s side project, The Guild of Recappers & Podcasters – a wiki that indexes all the Discworld and Terry Pratchett podcasts we can find. (Let us know if we’re missing something!)